“Jesse Keith Whitley Honors Father with ‘Don’t Close Your Eyes’ Performance”

Jesse Keith Whitley delighted fans at his mom’s restaurant, Lorrie Morgan’s Spicy Hot Chicken Coop in Panama City Beach, Florida, by singing his father’s famous country hit with his son, Jackie.

The touching moment paid tribute to Keith Whitley, Jesse’s late father, as they performed “Don’t Close Your Eyes,” a 1988 country classic written by Bob McDill. The song, known for its emotional depth and haunting melody, resonates as a powerful plea for love and connection.

Keith Whitley’s rendition of “Don’t Close Your Eyes” soared to number one on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and remains an iconic piece in country music history. Jesse Keith Whitley, continuing his family’s musical legacy, has carved his own path as a respected country artist, releasing several albums to a devoted fan base.

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