Heavy Metal Shines in Stunning Olympic Figure Skating Performance

Heavy metal meets elegance with Team USA ice dancers, Oona and Gage Brown, showcasing their stunning skills on the ice.

Filmed in New York at Bryant Park Winter Village in 2020, the video highlights their incredible talent. Oona and Gage, 2019 U.S. pewter medalists, perform a breathtaking free dance that’s captured beautifully on camera.

This sibling duo comes from a big family of seven kids. They started skating in 2009, inspired by their older sister. Gage began at age 7, and Oona at age 5, determinedly navigating the rink on her own.

The Browns competed for Team USA in 2018-2019, finishing 9th and 8th in their Junior Grand Prix events. Initially solo skaters, they found more confidence performing together despite the nerves.

To support their skating journey, Oona and Gage have set up a GoFundMe account. You can find the link at the end of this article if you wish to donate.

The video, shot at 6:45 AM during Thanksgiving, showcases their powerful routine to Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters.” Different versions of this video exist online, but the emotional impact of this classic track stands out the most. Check out another version featuring Avicii’s “Seek Bromance” below.

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