Heartwarming Father-Son Sinatra Duet in Car Becomes Internet Sensation

Certain artists remain timeless, and Frank Sinatra undoubtedly tops that list. Matt Clayton and his young son Archie demonstrated this beautifully in their viral video singing “Me and My Shadow.” This lively song, originally performed by Sinatra with Sammy Davis Jr., proved to be the perfect choice for a delightful father-son duet.

Matt’s smooth and charming take on Sinatra’s style, coupled with Archie’s spirited rendition of Davis’s parts, created a heartwarming family moment. Their fun and infectious performance quickly went viral online.

In the video, Matt and Archie’s cover of “Me and My Shadow” garnered 2.3 million views on YouTube, making it the most popular version of the song on the platform, surpassing even the original Sinatra and Davis recording. Viewers were captivated by the duo’s impressive singing and the touching display of family bonding.

Comments from viewers included praises such as, “This is fantastic. How many kids know the lyrics to any of Frank Sinatra’s songs? You go, kid!” and “Did anyone notice the kid was singing harmony on the ending lines? You know how hard that is for a youngster that age to hear the harmony line and be able to do it? He has a future in singing!”

For those interested, there’s also a great live version of Sinatra and Davis performing “Me and My Shadow” available on YouTube.\

“Me and My Shadow,” a jazz standard first recorded in 1927, was written by Dave Dreyer and Billy Rose. That year saw several popular recordings by artists like Whispering Jack Smith, Nat Shilkret, and Johnny Marvin. The song also became a signature closing number for bandleader Ted Lewis.

Over the years, numerous artists, including Robbie Williams, Bing Crosby, Dave Brubeck, and even Jeff Goldblum, have covered “Me and My Shadow.”

Sinatra and Davis, both members of the Rat Pack, recorded their version in 1962. Their rendition is particularly notable for Sinatra’s added line, “Closer than Bobby is to JFK,” referencing then-President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy.

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