Harry Styles Explores Obsession In Powerful Performance Of ‘Girl Crush’

In 2017, as Harry Styles geared up for the release of his debut solo album, he made a notable appearance on a BBC special. The show featured a mix of his own songs from the album and covers that influenced his music. Among these covers was “Girl Crush” by Little Big Town, a surprising choice for the former One Direction member.

“Girl Crush” is a poignant country ballad that delves into a woman’s feelings of jealousy towards her partner’s affair. Despite the song’s female perspective, Harry delivered a moving acoustic rendition, staying true to the emotional core of the song. His performance struck a chord with viewers, with one YouTube commenter expressing, “I get goosebumps every time I listen to this song. The pain in his voice, how desperately he sings this song, every note, every word.”

Harry’s musical influences span a wide range of genres, from current pop hits to classic rock and pop of the ’70s. In addition to “Girl Crush,” he also covered Fleetwood Mac’s iconic song “The Chain” during the BBC special. Fans appreciated his homage to older music, with one noting, “Older people are falling in love with Harry’s talent. Younger people are falling in love with Fleetwood Mac’s songs.”

As Harry’s career has evolved, so have his musical tastes. His most recent album, “Harry’s House,” showcases influences from the niche genre of 70s Japanese city pop. The album’s critical acclaim and Grammy wins demonstrate Harry’s ability to surprise and delight audiences with his adventurous musical journey, cementing his place as a versatile artist in the ever-changing music industry.

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