George Strait Is At His Peak As He Performs For The US’s Largest-Ever Indoor Concert Audience

George Strait is the king of straightforward country music. While Garth Brooks may have higher sales, Strait’s lengthy career and consistent hits endorsed by the Country Music Association make him a legend. He made his mark in 1981 with “Unwound” and never looked back, saving country radio from the pop country of the late 1970s with his hat-act style.

What’s hat-act country, you ask? It’s the classic sound of US country stations, blending Western Swing with the individuality of artists like Merle Haggard and Waylon Jennings. George Strait, often called the Honky Tonk Sinatra, embodies this style, as seen in his 1993 hit “When Did You Stop Loving Me,” performed here with Sheryl Crow.

Fans rave about Strait’s timeless appeal, with comments like “There will never be another George Strait” and “His music is so synonymous with the genre.” While newer artists like Eric Church and Luke Bryan gained prominence after 2010, Strait remained loyal to his roots, even releasing songs like “Kicked Outta Country” in 2018.

Strait’s impact extends beyond music. Since 1982, he’s hosted a Team Steer Roping contest in San Antonio, Texas, where his music is played all weekend. His fame is such that he can go unrecognized in his hometown if he doesn’t wear his signature hat.

Our video captures a momentous event: George Strait’s farewell tour in Arlington, Texas, in 2014. With over 100,000 fans in attendance, it was the largest indoor concert in US history. The governor even declared Strait’s birthday as George Strait Day in Texas. It’s a fitting tribute to a true country music icon.

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