George Strait Got The Most Adorable Duet Partner in “God and Country Music”

The country music legend George Strait demonstrated he hasn’t missed a beat with the release of “God and Country Music” from his 2019 album “Honky Tonk Time Machine.” To the delight and surprise of many, Strait chose an exceptionally special duet partner for this song—his own grandson, George Harvey Strait III, affectionately known as Harvey.

George recounted the recording process, noting the effort it took. “We went through several takes. I’d start with him, then step back and let him take the lead. He was eager and really threw himself into the recording. For a six-year-old, that’s quite impressive,” he shared, laughing at the memory.

The pair debuted “God and Country Music” live at the Houston Rodeo Show in March 2019. Little Harvey, bearing a striking resemblance to his father Bubba, confidently faced the crowd, undeterred by the massive audience that rose in applause as he approached the microphone.

Harvey’s moment in the song came later, but he waited patiently, a still figure next to his legendary grandfather. When it was time, Harvey joined in seamlessly, concluding the song to the proud smiles and admiration of Strait. Their performance, marked by a heartfelt hug and a wave to the audience, showcased Harvey’s natural stage presence, leaving as confidently as any experienced performer.

“God and Country Music,” penned by Luke Laird, Barry Dean, and Lori McKenna, muses on the enduring value of country music, declaring it as one of the few things “still worth saving.”

The lyrics suggest a balance of loss and discovery, darkness and enlightenment, found within the soul of country music. It celebrates the genre’s roots in small towns, churches, and the backroad bars, highlighting the perpetual dance between sin and salvation. The song affirms, against all odds, two constants in life worth holding onto: God and country music.

George Strait continues to champion the classic, laid-back style of country music that first won him fans decades ago. “God and Country Music” encapsulates the essence of Strait’s iconic sound, with a comforting mix of acoustic guitar, pedal steel, and piano, all carried by Strait’s deep, resonant voice—a voice that has earned him more No. 1 hits than any other country artist. This track not only marks the return of a music legend but also celebrates the timeless appeal of traditional country music.

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