“From The Voice Kids to HAVET: Mimi & Josy’s Journey in Music”

Sisters Mimi and Josefin Vogler were just sixteen and fourteen when they auditioned for The Voice Kids Germany as a singing duo. Their rendition of Radiohead’s “Creep” wowed the judges with its haunting arrangement, mature vocals, and impressive harmonies, earning them viral fame and turning all the judges’ chairs. The duo later teamed up with country singers The BossHoss.

Throughout the competition, Mimi & Josy impressed with covers like Harry Styles’ “Sign of The Times” and a memorable repeat of “Creep.” Their journey culminated in a moving performance of Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” securing their victory in the finals.

Post-win, they adopted the name Mimi & Josy, collaborating with The BossHoss on “Little Help,” which reached No. 32 on the Swiss Charts. During the pandemic, they focused on music production and returned to The Voice Kids as backstage hosts.

Now aged 21 and 19, Mimi and Josefin rebranded as HAVET, unveiling a more mature sound. Their 2022 singles, notably “Mama’s Lullaby,” showcase their evolved artistic direction with introspective themes and atmospheric visuals.

As they continue to grow, HAVET explores new musical territories, leveraging their exceptional vocal talent and creative vision honed since their early success on The Voice Kids.

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