Ellen Tefanis, a 19-year-old devotee of Keith Urban, lights up the stage alongside the country superstar

In a remarkable turn of events sparked by a Twitter exchange, 19-year-old Ellen Tefanis found herself sharing the stage with country sensation Keith Urban during his concert in Brisbane, Australia. Together, they delivered a spirited rendition of “Good Thing,” a beloved track from Urban’s Fuse album, renowned for its infectious guitar melodies.

Hailing from Port Pirie, South Australia, Ellen showcased her guitar prowess with finesse, flawlessly executing the song’s iconic guitar intro and delivering a dynamic solo. Despite her young age, Ellen exuded confidence and charisma as she held her own alongside Urban, captivating the audience with her undeniable talent. Their electrifying collaboration quickly became an online sensation, amassing over seven million views across various digital platforms.

The magical moment unfolded during the grand finale of Urban’s Ripcord World Tour. Taking a moment to share the backstory with the audience, Urban revealed that Ellen had caught his attention by sending him a video of her impressive guitar skills on Twitter, expressing her dream of performing alongside him. Impressed by her talent and enthusiasm, Urban extended the invitation for Ellen to join him on stage.

Ellen, who began playing guitar at the tender age of 8, proposed the idea of performing “Good Thing” together, a choice that resonated with Urban. This wasn’t the first time Urban had embraced such spontaneous collaborations, having previously serenaded American fan Rob Joyce with the same song in response to an impromptu request.

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