Ed Sheeran and James Blunt Team Up for Elton John’s “Sacrifice”

James Blunt and Ed Sheeran teamed up to perform a beautiful version of Elton John’s “Sacrifice,” showcasing their natural musical talent. James started the duet on piano, singing the first verse with his iconic voice. Ed then joined in with a soft acoustic guitar for the bridge.

Ed took over the second verse, but the real magic happened when they harmonized, creating a spine-tingling moment that has garnered over 66 million views on YouTube.

In another memorable performance, James Blunt wowed fans with “You’re Beautiful” in Ibiza. Playing a stripped-back acoustic version, he effortlessly hit all the notes while the crowd sang along. This intimate gig, despite Blunt being a big star, allowed him to connect closely with his fans. The live rendition became the most viewed live performance on his YouTube channel with 61 million views.

Fans praised his flawless vocals and the emotional delivery of the song. Comments like “One of the most beautiful songs and renditions I have ever heard” and “Isn’t this the highest possible respect you can get from your audience? See how they look at him. Hear how they know the lyrics and sing with him. That’s so beautiful.” reflected their admiration.

Blunt also showcased his piano skills in another popular performance on his channel, where he played “Goodbye My Lover” live at The Oxford Union. This solo performance was special, featuring Blunt in front of a small, attentive crowd.

“You’re Beautiful,” released in 2005 as the third single from Blunt’s debut album *Back to Bedlam*, became his commercial breakthrough, topping charts globally and going four times Platinum in the US. It remains his biggest hit, with 867 million streams on Spotify, far surpassing his next most popular song, “OK”.

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