Disturbed’s Lead Singer Stops Concert To Make Sure Frightened Little Girl Is Ok

At a Disturbed concert, lead singer David Draiman paused the show when he noticed a young girl in the crowd looking scared. Halting the music, he addressed her directly, reassuring her, “I’m very proud of you, you’re awesome. You’re welcome. Are you ok? What’s your name darling.” He introduced her to the crowd as Sophia, comforting her and apologizing for any fright.

This touching moment only grew more profound as David spoke to the entire audience about acceptance. He expressed his joy in seeing diverse fans attending their shows, emphasizing the inclusivity of their concerts. David praised the little girl for singing along to their songs, highlighting the familial atmosphere he aims to foster at their performances.

Reflecting on the concert’s diverse audience, David emphasized that Disturbed concerts are a place of acceptance and love for everyone, regardless of background or beliefs. He encouraged unity, reminding the crowd that they come to their shows to find solace from life’s hardships.

David Draiman, who has led the heavy metal group since 1996, shared this heartwarming moment on TikTok, emphasizing the band’s message of inclusivity and love with the hashtag ‘familyaffair.’

A fan who witnessed the event corroborated the video, explaining that the girl was invited onstage by David but became overwhelmed and started crying. David’s compassionate response exemplifies the humanity behind the music of this remarkable group.

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