Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox, and Angélique Kidjo delivered a spirited rendition of “Big Yellow Taxi”

Cyndi Lauper, Annie Lennox, Angélique Kidjo, and Brandi Carlile came together in a star-studded tribute at the Library of Congress Gershwin Prize ceremony, where they performed Joni Mitchell’s timeless hit “Big Yellow Taxi.” The performance was a highlight of the evening, held at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC, on March 1, 2023, with Joni Mitchell herself in attendance as the recipient of the prestigious award.

The atmosphere was electric as the four powerhouse vocalists, along with a lineup of supporting singers, brought a loose and feel-good vibe to the stage. Annie Lennox kicked off the song with her soulful rendition of the opening verse, setting the tone for the ensemble performance. As they reached the chorus, all seven vocalists joined forces, harmonizing beautifully to capture the essence of Mitchell’s original.

Cyndi Lauper took center stage next, infusing her performance with her trademark sass and energy during the second verse. Brandi Carlile followed with a heartfelt and melodic rendition of her own, leading into a fiery solo chorus by Angélique Kidjo that stole the show. Kidjo’s powerful vocals resonated with the audience, visibly delighting Mitchell, who watched from her seat with a wide smile.

The peak of the performance came when Brandi Carlile descended into the audience, microphone in hand, and handed it to Joni Mitchell for the final line of the song. Mitchell, known for her poetic lyrics and distinctive voice, delivered the concluding verse with grace and poise, bringing the tribute to a poignant close.

Outside the performance itself, Mitchell, now 79 years old, also graced the stage earlier in the evening to perform her classic song “Blue.” Her smooth delivery and the warm reception from the audience reflected the profound impact of her music over the decades.

Online, the performance of “Big Yellow Taxi” quickly became a sensation, garnering 1.4 million views and sparking enthusiastic reactions from fans worldwide. Comments flooded in, praising the tribute as a joyful celebration of Joni Mitchell and the remarkable talents of Lauper, Lennox, Kidjo, and Carlile, each contributing their unique flair to honor a music legend.

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