“Cody Johnson Unveils Touching Visual Journey with “Dirt Cheap” Music Video Premiere”

Country fans were first introduced to Cody Johnson’s song “Dirt Cheap” when he released his latest album, *Leather*, in November 2023. The Texas native later released it as the album’s second single, following his chart-topping hit, “The Painter.”

Written by Josh Phillips, “Dirt Cheap” tells the poignant story of an old cotton crop farmer approached by developers eager to buy his land for a subdivision. Despite their lucrative offer, the farmer refuses, valuing his land far more for its sentimental worth. He explains that it’s the place where his daughter grew up, a detail that resonates deeply with Johnson, who has two daughters himself.

Johnson’s heartfelt performance of the song during the ACM Awards in May was a standout moment, leaving hardly a dry eye in the audience.

On June 28, Johnson released an emotional music video for “Dirt Cheap,” directed by his frequent collaborator, Dustin Haney. Teasers for the video began appearing on June 26, with Johnson warning fans, “Good luck not tearing up on this one.”

The music video, which premiered on YouTube and aired hourly on CMT’s platforms, closely follows the song’s narrative. It opens with two men approaching the old farmer, played by Texas actor and musician Red Steagall, asking to buy his land. As the farmer reflects on cherished memories made there, his daughter and granddaughter join him on the porch, with the daughter ultimately telling the developers that the land is not for sale and never will be.

Interwoven with these scenes is footage of Johnson performing passionately in a picturesque open field beside a red barn, adding to the video’s emotional impact.

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