Chris Stapleton & Dua Lipa Shine with “Think I’m In Love With You” at the 59th ACM Awards

In an electrifying performance that transcended genres and captivated the audience, country star Chris Stapleton and pop sensation Dua Lipa took the stage together at the 59th Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards. Their duet of the original song “Think I’m In Love With You” was a highlight of the evening, showcasing their unique talents and chemistry.

The ACM Awards, known for celebrating the best in country music, took a bold step by inviting Dua Lipa to join Chris Stapleton for this special performance. Stapleton, renowned for his soulful voice and masterful songwriting, is a staple in the country music world. Dua Lipa, with her powerful vocals and pop appeal, brought a fresh and exciting dynamic to the collaboration.

“Think I’m In Love With You” is an original song that combines the best of both artists’ styles. The track features Stapleton’s gritty, emotive lyrics and guitar work, paired with Lipa’s smooth, expressive vocals. The song explores themes of unexpected love and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with it, blending country storytelling with pop sensibility.

As the lights dimmed and the stage was set, anticipation filled the air. The opening chords of “Think I’m In Love With You” struck a chord with the audience, immediately drawing them in. Stapleton, with his signature hat and guitar, started the song with his deep, resonant voice, setting a soulful tone.

Dua Lipa then joined in, her voice adding a rich, melodic layer to the performance. Their voices, though contrasting, harmonized beautifully, creating a seamless blend of country and pop. The chemistry between the two artists was palpable, as they exchanged verses and came together for the powerful chorus.

The stage design was simple yet elegant, allowing the focus to remain on the performers. Soft, warm lighting enhanced the intimate feel of the song, while the audience swayed and sang along, clearly moved by the heartfelt lyrics and captivating melody.

As the final notes of the song echoed through the venue, the audience erupted into applause. The performance received a standing ovation, with many attendees visibly moved by the unexpected yet perfect pairing of Stapleton and Lipa. The camera panned to the crowd, capturing fellow artists and fans alike applauding enthusiastically, some even wiping away tears.


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