Celine Dion and Joe Walsh’s Teams Up For A Magical Rendition of ‘Something’

When Celine Dion and Joe Walsh teamed up for Celine’s 2008 live television special, ‘Celine Dion: That’s Just The Woman In Me,’ they seemed like an unusual pair. Celine, known for her emotional ballads like ‘My Heart Will Go On,’ and Joe, famed for his rock guitar work with The Eagles, came from very different musical worlds.

Yet, their collaboration on the George Harrison song ‘Something’ was magical. Celine, dressed in stunning thigh-high black boots and a feathery white dress, sang with grace and elegance, giving the song a delicate, feminine touch reminiscent of renditions by other female artists like Shirley Bassey.

Joe Walsh’s guitar playing was rich and melodious, perfectly complementing Celine’s vocals without overshadowing them. His solo added a unique country rock twist to the classic Beatles track, blending beautifully with Celine’s performance.

The result was a powerful and unexpectedly harmonious cover that delighted the audience. One fan described it as “a masterclass by two legends in respect of a third,” highlighting the duo’s ability to honor the original while making it their own.

Their performance was made even more special by the presence of Olivia Harrison, George’s widow, who watched with pride and gratitude as Celine and Joe paid tribute to her late husband’s work. Their rendition of ‘Something’ not only showcased their immense talent but also respected the legacy of one of The Beatles’ most beloved songs.

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