The 25 Best Albums of 1977

rock and roll

In the chronicles of music history, the year 1977 looms large as a momentous epoch. It marked an era when the music realm underwent profound metamorphoses, as various genres engaged in a fervent contest for supremacy. From the advent of punk rock to the enduring reign of classic rock and the ascendancy of disco, this … Read more

Roger Waters Addresses Controversial Documentary Allegations

roger waters

Roger Waters, the iconic co-founder and former frontman of Pink Floyd, has recently responded to a newly released documentary that has caused quite a stir. The documentary, titled “The Dark Side Of Roger Waters,” sheds light on allegations of antisemitic behavior against the rock legend. A 37-Minute Revelation, This 37-minute documentary, produced by the U.K.-based … Read more

Roger Taylor, Eric Clapton, Mike Rutherford, and More Unite for Gary Brooker Tribute Concert

Roger Taylor, Eric Clapton, Mike Rutherford

In a heartwarming display of musical camaraderie, a constellation of legendary artists is coming together for a once-in-a-lifetime charity concert dedicated to the memory of the late and great Procol Harum frontman, Gary Brooker. Mark your calendars for the evening of Monday, December 4th, 2023, as music history is set to be made at G … Read more