Billy Joel sings ‘Uptown Girl’ to ex Christie Brinkley at MSG and their daughter performs

During a mesmerizing performance at Madison Square Garden, Billy Joel serenaded his former spouse Christie Brinkley, evoking nostalgic memories and setting hearts aflutter. The iconic singer, amid his longstanding residency at the venue, took a poignant trip down memory lane as he belted out his timeless anthem “Uptown Girl.”

Captured in a viral TikTok video, Brinkley, now a radiant 70-year-old, graced the jumbotron with her infectious smile, effortlessly swaying to the familiar rhythm of the song that forever intertwines her legacy with Joel’s. It’s a tune crafted from the echoes of their shared past, a melody that echoed through the corridors of time, originating from Joel’s affection for Brinkley and his then-romance with Elle Macpherson.

Their bond, immortalized not just in lyrics but also in visuals, finds its pinnacle in the “Uptown Girl” music video, where Brinkley’s presence left an indelible mark. Their journey together bore fruit in the form of Alexa Ray Joel, now a 38-year-old talent who joined her father on stage, adding a touch of familial harmony to the night.

As the concert unfolded, the duo enchanted the audience with renditions of classics like “To Sir With Love” and “Say Goodbye to Hollywood,” as reported by Us Weekly. This display of camaraderie and mutual respect isn’t new for Brinkley, who has graced Joel’s performances before, a decade ago alongside her daughter Sailor Brinkley Cook and former husband Peter Cook.

Despite traversing through four marriages, Brinkley remains content in her solitude, gracefully embracing the unpredictability of life. “There just doesn’t seem to be anybody out there,” she shared with People earlier this year, expressing a serene acceptance of her circumstances.

Meanwhile, Joel has found solace in the arms of Alexis Roderick since 2015, with whom he shares a familial bliss of their own, nurturing their bond and creating new memories while cherishing the echoes of the past that continue to resonate through his music.

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