Australian 13-Year-Old “James” Plays Drums With The Killers on “For Reasons Unknown” | Geelong, 2022

In an unforgettable moment at The Killers’ concert in Geelong, Australia, in 2022, a 13-year-old drummer named James stole the spotlight. During the band’s performance, lead singer Brandon Flowers noticed James in the crowd holding a sign that read, “Can I play drums?” Intrigued and impressed by his boldness, Flowers invited James to join them on stage for their hit song “For Reasons Unknown.”

James confidently took his place behind the drum kit and delivered a stellar performance that had the crowd cheering wildly. His drumming skills were on full display, and he flawlessly kept up with the band, earning applause and admiration from both the audience and the band members.

The young drummer’s exceptional talent and poise turned this concert into a truly memorable event. James’s performance highlighted the power of live music to create magical, spontaneous moments that resonate with both fans and performers. It was a night that James, The Killers, and everyone in attendance will likely never forget.

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