Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller teamed up for a memorable rendition of a jazz classic on Jools Holland’s show.

For their 2006 performance on Jools Holland’s Annual Hootenanny, jazz legend Amy Winehouse teamed up with mod icon Paul Weller to deliver a stunning live rendition of Etta Jones’ classic jazz track, “Don’t Go To Strangers.” The collaboration was a match made in musical heaven, blending Weller’s seasoned, soulful touch with Winehouse’s dynamic, powerhouse vocals.

Paul Weller opened the performance with a gritty, evocative verse that painted a dusky soundscape, setting the stage perfectly for Amy Winehouse’s entrance. When Amy took over for the second verse, her voice flowed like a river—radiant and brimming with a panther-like energy that captivated the audience. Her Grammy Award-winning talent brought a fresh, vibrant hue to the timeless song, showcasing her ability to both honor and reinvent the classics.

The chemistry between Weller and Winehouse was palpable, their voices intertwining seamlessly to create a rich, textured sound. Weller’s old-school charm provided a sturdy foundation, while Winehouse’s modern flair added a unique twist, making the performance both nostalgic and contemporary.

This remarkable rendition has garnered an impressive 5.3 million views on YouTube, a testament to its enduring appeal. The performance is further elevated by a mesmerizing sax solo that adds an extra layer of sophistication and emotion, leaving viewers spellbound.

Overall, the collaboration between Amy Winehouse and Paul Weller on “Don’t Go To Strangers” is a standout moment in music history, highlighting the incredible talents of both artists and their ability to breathe new life into a classic jazz standard.

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