Adele Performs “Rolling In The Deep” In Front Of An Ensemble Of Celebrities

“Rolling in the Deep” marked a turning point in Adele’s career, launching her to fame with her second album, “21,” back in 2010. It topped charts worldwide, earned her three Grammy Awards, and even made Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest songs ever.

Fast forward to November 2021, Adele, now a global icon living in LA, returned to her roots for a special show called “An Audience with Adele” at London’s iconic Palladium. This event felt like a celebration of her journey over the past decade, with her hometown adding an extra layer of significance.

The format of the show was intimate yet impactful, allowing Adele to connect with the audience and showcase her incredible voice. The star-studded crowd, including names like Samuel L. Jackson, Emma Watson, and Stormzy, added to the glamour of the evening.

The highlight came when Adele performed “Rolling in the Deep,” drawing over 13 million views on YouTube. The energy was infectious, with the audience on their feet, singing along to a song that’s now a part of music history.

The night ended with everyone applauding Adele, celebrating her remarkable achievements and reaffirming her status as a musical powerhouse.

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