68-Year-Old Matt Dodd Is “the Best Voice” Ever Heard On Ireland’s Got Talent

Matt Dodd, a 68-year-old, wowed the audience on Ireland’s Got Talent with his powerful rendition of the Tom Jones classic “I (Who Have Nothing).” Dressed in a stylish suit, Matt’s timeless voice shone on the soul hit, showcasing both raw power and smooth tone.

Despite not being a professional singer, Matt captivated the audience with his confident stage presence. The judges were on the edge of their seats as he brought the song to a dramatic close. His audition quickly became one of the most popular videos on the Ireland’s Got Talent YouTube channel, amassing 8.1 million views.

When he first took the stage, Matt explained that he works at a Ballyfermot adult daycare center and enjoys singing to the seniors on the bus each morning. He decided to audition after his grandchild encouraged him during a family lunch, saying, “Grandad, why don’t you go for that?”

Judge Louis Walsh praised Matt’s performance, calling his voice brilliant and wondering why he wasn’t already a star. Matt humorously replied, “I didn’t meet you all yet.” Michelle Visage also lauded his effortless talent, calling it very rare and special. In the semi-finals, Matt switched gears and performed Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Love Changes Everything.”

Michelle Visage expressed envy for those who get to hear Matt sing daily, calling them blessed. Judge Denise Van Outen declared, “I think we’ve just found a new superstar for Ireland,” praising his powerful and passionate performance. Jason Byrne was equally impressed, telling Matt he belonged on a much bigger stage than pubs and karaoke bars.

All four judges gave Matt yes votes, sending him to the next round. He celebrated with his family backstage. In subsequent rounds, he performed “Bring Him Home” from Les Misérables and “Love Changes Everything” before being eliminated in the semi-finals.

Matt’s journey on Ireland’s Got Talent showcased his hidden talent and left a lasting impression on both the judges and the audience.

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