15-Year-Old Joel Goncalves Became A Star After This Australian X Factor Audition

At just 15, Joel Goncalves stepped onto the stage of Australia’s X Factor, showing everyone he had what it takes to be a star. He was nervous, but singing was his dream. Before this, he’d only sung in front of small crowds, so facing the big X Factor stage was scary for him.

Before Joel sang, someone from the X Factor team asked the crowd if they thought Joel could be Australia’s Justin Bieber. This hinted that Joel had a star quality even before he sang. And when he did sing, wow! He chose a tough Michael Jackson song, “The Girl Is Mine,” and nailed it.

The judges were impressed right away. Singing a Michael Jackson hit isn’t easy, but Joel made it look effortless. His nerves disappeared, and with his family cheering him on, he gave a fantastic performance. The crowd loved him and saw his potential.

“The Girl Is Mine” is from Michael Jackson’s famous album “Thriller.” Joel, now known as Joel Adams, didn’t stop there. He kept chasing his dream. He released his first single, “Please Don’t Go,” in 2015, and even dropped his own EP in 2020.

Even though Joel didn’t win X Factor, being on the show was a big boost for him. It showed him that dreams can come true with hard work and talent.

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