Pentatonix Perform An Epic A Capella Rendition Of “Sound Of Silence”

Meet Pentatonix, a dynamic 5-piece a cappella group that has been making waves since their victory on the third season of the US TV show “The Sing Off”. The resurgence of a cappella music in recent years can be attributed to popular shows like Glee and the Pitch Perfect trilogy, with Pentatonix emerging as one of the frontrunners in the genre.

In the video below, Pentatonix showcases their exceptional vocal prowess and intricate arrangements in a mesmerizing live performance of “Sound of Silence” at the Hollywood Bowl in 2022.

Pentatonix, comprised of founding members Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, and Kirstie Maldonado, first crossed paths at Martin High School in Arlington, Texas. Their journey began when they entered a radio competition to meet the cast of Glee, delivering a captivating rendition of Lady Gaga and Beyoncé’s hit “Telephone”. Though they didn’t clinch the victory, their talent garnered significant attention both locally and online.

Following their high school years, Scott Hoying enrolled at the University of Southern California and joined a campus a cappella group. Encouraged by a friend, he auditioned for “The Sing Off” and persuaded Mitch and Kirstie to join him. With the addition of Avi Kaplan as bass and Kevin Olusola as a beatboxer, Pentatonix was officially formed.

Remarkably, the band members didn’t convene face-to-face until the day of their audition. Scott, the visionary behind the name Pentatonix, drew inspiration from the pentatonic scale, which comprises five notes per octave, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the group.

Since their debut on “The Sing Off”, Pentatonix has released six albums, including two Christmas albums, with their fourth and fifth albums soaring to the top of the US Billboard album charts. The group has amassed three Grammy Awards and has transitioned from performing covers to crafting original compositions.

Despite the departure of bassist Avi Kaplan, Pentatonix has persevered, welcoming college a cappella performer Matt Sallee into the fold. Their YouTube channel boasts an impressive following of 19.6 million subscribers, with their videos garnering millions of views.

While the pandemic may have slowed their public appearances, Pentatonix remains a force to be reckoned with, captivating audiences with their unparalleled talent and innovative approach to a cappella music.

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