Tom Jones Relishes Performing Delilah at Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Concert 2012

Tom Jones loves to sing. He performs at any chance he gets, much like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. Tom Jones, a great Welsh singer, has a powerful voice that has shaped popular music. But what stands out is the joy he finds in singing. He always gives it his all because he simply loves to sing.

Johnny Cash’s hit, “Folsom Prison Blues” (1956), with its famous line “I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die,” is still a crowd favorite. Similarly, Tom Jones’s song “Delilah” (1968) remains popular. The song, inspired by operas like Carmen and Pagliacci, tells the story of a jilted lover who kills his beloved. “Delilah” is melodramatic, catchy, and a favorite at Welsh rugby games. Tom Jones even performed it at Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012.

At the Jubilee, Tom Jones gave a memorable performance of “Delilah,” adding a lively flamenco twist. The crowd clapped, and even Prince Harry sang along. Jones performed with a smile, singing about a murder with evident joy.

In hindsight, “Delilah” faced scrutiny for its lyrics about domestic violence, leading Welsh Rugby to remove it from their playlists in 2015. However, this doesn’t mean there’s no place for such songs in art. Murder ballads are theatrical and dramatic, and “Delilah” is no exception. At the Jubilee, Jones fully embraced the role, making it clear that the protagonist is a murderer awaiting punishment, all set to a catchy beat.

Tom Jones was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in 2006. Reflecting on it, he recalled the queen saying he’d given people a lot of pleasure with his music. Jones replied, “I’ve had a lot of pleasure doing it, Your Majesty.” She responded, “Well, I’m sure you have.” Tom Jones loves to sing and always has.

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