Check Out This Unique Unaired Duet Between Christina Aguilera And Whitney Houston

The sudden passing of Whitney Houston, a legendary singing star, left a profound impact on music fans worldwide. Renowned for her powerful vocals and remarkable control, Whitney influenced countless artists, including Christina Aguilera, celebrated for her impressive four-octave vocal range. In 2016, these two icons of pop music were set to perform a duet together, but with Whitney’s passing in 2012, Christina instead sang alongside a hologram of the late star. Standing side by side, they recreated a special moment that included some of Houston’s greatest hits, including ‘I’m Every Woman’. Described as “two of the most powerful voices in music history” by one viewer, their performance has garnered over two million views online.

Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, viewers in the USA have been unable to access the hologram duet online. However, Christina’s heartfelt tribute to Whitney at the 2017 American Music Awards, captured in stunning 4K, offers an equally moving experience. Originally intended for broadcast on *The Voice*, their duet was unexpectedly leaked online, prompting its removal from television. Despite challenges with the hologram technology, fans praised both the quality of the performance and Christina’s ability to seamlessly transition from her signature hip-hop and Latin-pop style to Houston’s soulful melodies.

Christina’s lifelong admiration for Whitney was evident even in her earlier performances, such as singing Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing’ at just 12 years old. While their televised duet may not have materialized as planned, the enduring respect Christina holds for Whitney and her groundbreaking influence in music continues to resonate profoundly.

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